Saturday Schedules

                                             February 2018 Saturday Events

FIRST                                  Bookmaking Workshop

12-4PM. Everyone has a story. Come create a handmade journal, or a book cover. Stitch and bind accordion books, use paper and other materials. This is a 4-hour workshop. All materials are free with the $27 registration fee. Bring a few small items which define you/ your purpose, e.g., copied photos, document(s), mementos, newspaper-magazine cut outs.

SECOND                                     Documentaries: Photojournalism Exhibit

12-4PM.  The AnaDocs Photojournalism Exhibit focuses on The Call Home

IBe’ Arts presents locally made films, videos, screenings, photojournalism exhibits; as well as recorded interviews and conversations around the practices and presentations of the disporatic spirits.


THIRD                          Black History Storytelling

12-1PM. IBe’ Arts AnaDocs Interns will record the Nu Zeta Chapter of  Deltas.

The Gallery will be closed.

Please call for  an appointment to see the Exhibit &  Story of Black Liberation .

FOURTH                        Open House