Artists In the Gallery

Feb. 10th Happy Hour (5

 Vocalist Nea Coble

26231065_2034866563507700_6201175114910353879_nIBe’ Arts to pleased to welcome Nea Coble.

Grounded in DC Arts, Trained in Philly, and Shaped in the Big Apple and grounded.


Feb. 2018

An Exhibit of the DC Black Arts Movement is on Exhibit in the Gallery every Saturday ( noon- 4 pm) and by appointment.  Schools and churches can request the display by contacting

Come read about and view the history of the Black Power Movement.


Red States, Black Bodies

An Exhibit of 2017 Works by IBe’ Crawley


Fiber Artist Francine Haskins

Exhibits at IBe’ Arts Gallery Feb., 20172017-04-14 16.31.48


Eugene Vango September 2016 Acrylic Abstract Exhibit

IBe' Arts and Ed. FlyerScreen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.10.44 PM.png


Jeri Hubbard Paper Mache’ April 2016




Aton Crawley Photography Feb 2016