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Fiber arts, Collage and other Found Object Arts

Participants will learn

-techniques of simple stitch and bind
-story and pattern designs
-how to create small handmade books
-to prepare story-boards
-to create tapestries.

Workshops Fee- $75..

Participants will leave each workshop with a handmade product.Basic supplies will be provided.Alternative materials such as old album covers or recycled books should be provided by the participants. Beginners are very welcome!

  • Winter 2017 IBe’ Arts Calendar of Workshops and Artist Talks


    Monthly Celebrations 2nd & Last Sat. Workshops Dates and Art Instructors
    Dec. Kwanza #1.   Tie Dye Quilting ($25.)

    #2   Friend Fun Fund Raiser

    Dec. 10

    IBe’ Crawley Instructor

    Jan. King Day #3 Patterns and Designs Jan. 14- 15

    Jeri Hubbard and IBe’

    Feb. Black Story & Douglass Day #4. Book Making

    #5. Stitching Textiles

    Feb. 11th IBe’ and Jeri

    Feb. 25th Imani Russell

    March Wild Wombn #6 Drawing Mechanics, March 11.

    Martha Saunders

Sewing Sisters Souls