IBe’ Arts continues the mission of creativity with the next generation.


Oct., 2017 AnaDocs Film Festival hosted by AnaDocs Productions Interns



Video Documenting Good Hopes and Dreams

  1. What is AnaDocs?

      AnaDocs are documentaries that record stories of real people!

2. What do interns do at AnaDocs?    Use video recording and editing software to combine storytelling, social justice, and creativity.  Participants develop, shoot, and edit collaborative digital short stories.

3. How is this career related?  Students are exposed to introductory filmmaking techniques and traditional film, while working collaboratively on digital projects.

Documentary and short narrative videos for inspiration are lead by a professional storyteller and visual artist in editing digital short films.

4.  What do students talk about?   Topics include story structures, camera operation, and editing software and on-line branding.

5. Where does this occur? Registration is required, as a maximum of 4 participants.

Who do I call?  IBe’ Crawley, Executive Director at (202) 215-3484.

Sept, 2017 Art Speaks Children’s Festival


Art Speaks Children’s Black Power Chronicles Festival Sept. 24, 2017 at the African-American Civil War Museum.  Stage productions and guest artist, IBe’ Crawley.



Easter 2017, IBe’ uses storytelling to engage young people and elders of all ages.


May, 2017 Young Makers at Savoy Elementary School construct the Book Box