IBe’ Crawley is a sculptor focused on representing southern history. She was born in the tobacco and cotton-mill town of Danville, Virginia. IBe’ creates ‘shot gun’ houses, marble sculptures and mixed media collages.

As an educator for 30 years, in the state of Virginia, IBe’ taught US history. Now, IBe’ uses her education background to creat programs and works of art.

IBe’ Arts is located at 1239 V St. SE in Historic Anacostia.

A space for creative, planning, and community engagement.

The gallery and conference rooms is available for rent.

  • Promoting artist and art exhibits
  • Teaching and learning via artist lead workshops
  • Presenting art literacy- ‘thinking and making’ to youth in schools.
  • Office rental-  Send an email to ibe.crawley@gmail.com for more information. 




-Enjoy art exhibitions, work performances and exhibitions
-Host meetings, conferences & workshops
-Attend Film screenings, Book Readings and more
-Theatrical productions & rehearsals

The event space can extend outdoors. If you need to plan a large group event indoors, we can help.  This professionally gallery host art and education exhibitions and workshops.


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