Workshop and Gallery Events



Celebrate Thursday Open House


Friday Museum Visit


2nd Sat Workshop Last Saturday Gallery Opening
June Juneteenth NMWA (Saar) Diaspora Slide Show Jeri Hubbard
July Textile Museum Tie Dye Artist
Aug. Online Gallerys Digital Literacy Eugene Vango
Sept. NMAAHC NMAAHC Dwellings
Oct. Jacob Lawrence Philips Collection Bookmakers Crawley


& Book Drop

Nov. Phillips Collection Greeting Cards
Dec. Kwanza Portrait Gallery Digital Literacy IBe’
Jan. King Day SI Anacostia Diaspora Slide Show
Feb. Black Story & Douglass Day Phillips Collection Digital Literacy Francine Haskins
March Womb Stories NMWA
April Emancipate DC NMAAHC Digital Literacy TBA

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